The PORTE token is the utility token, used by the Payment Porte web and mobile platforms, to transfer value from our partners fiat currency, into - PORTE – back into multi-fiat currency, and into the receivers bank account, or virtual financial asset wallet. Transaction payments for our users, will settle in minutes, and for low fees.

·         Supported Open Bank API, by jurisdictions, for fiat transfer to bank account:
US, UK, EUR, CH, HK, AUS, BR, MX (A $250 USD Minimum for bank transfer).

·         Purchase PORTE, using BTC, ETH, XLM, XRP, or transfer coins/tokens to digital wallet addresses (A $500 USD Minimum value for coin/token transfer)

·         KYC & AML user clearance check, verification in moments on Payment Porte, during user account setup.

·         Creation of Secure on-network bi-fold digital wallet for transfer and storage.

·         Included in transfers, is our Smart Escrow, to secure funds and document the payment transfer on ledger..

·         Also included is a burn mechanism, application called bitFurnace, which is triggered when tokens are used to settle payment transactions. This guarantees a decreasing number of circulating supply of the PORTE tokens, until our firewall is reached at our fixed minimum supply of 200M..