Send cross border payments super fast,
at fractions of standard banking cost.




Online Payment


We seek to be a fast intermediary platform that adds value to our customer’s businesses, global economies, and to the eco-system.

Platform Compliance & Security
Account set-up - UI/UX

The client/user will set up an account with and provide us with:
  • Username
  • Email address
  • Phone number
(creating additional, P2B compliance with Anti Money Laundering [AML] and Know Your Customer [KYC] standards
  • Transaction payment amount
  • Choose beneficiary bank from open bank API participants, name and account number, for fiat conversion payments in: USD, EUR, BP, CNY, HKD or wallet address/public key for settlement in PORTE, BTC, XLM, ETH, Virtual Financial Assets

Token Instant Liquidity
Token Purchase/Transaction Settlement

User purchases utility PORTE tokens on web and mobile platforms, integrated into the Stellar network and SDEX exchange.

  • Transfer of PORTE tokens or fiat wallet created
  • Escrow smart doc is opened
  • Transaction transfer token or fiat
  • Transaction node validation approved
  • Escrow smart doc is settled
  • Value transaction data recorded on the ledger
  • Wallet will be closed
  • Email confirmation of the settled transaction

• Services will be invoiced in fiat currency (USD)

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