Web App Wallet

Bi-fold is the digital wallet for access to users PORTE token, non-custodial assets for the transfer of value of VFA’s.

The complimentary wallet is the bridge to multi-currency transfers to supported bank API’s.

User interface and experience takes center stage to the web app’s clean and simple approach.


Prepaid loaded Debit cards

Porte Payment Card

Simplified and hassle-free purchases and payments worldwide

Porte Payroll Card

Simplified and hassle-free salary disbursal for maritime enterprise.

The PORTE debit cards will be offered by a financial service partner, to be used for international business to consumer B2C.

The product will be integrated into user’s accounts/Bi-fold wallet to access their virtual financial assets (VFA) for on-platform transfers or non custodial storage.

Go-to-Market Product


Store your PORTE tokens safe and secure offline!

Watch for our upcoming announcement for Payment Porte Hardware wallet collaboration with the Coolest new hardware wallet on the market!