Our software solutions are highly customizable to fit your needs. They are API-based so they can integrate easily into your existing systems. Our products are highly automated with features not present in other software systems in the market. We provide scalability, flexibility and agility and our software is mature and tested, being used by companies around the world. Our solutions are cost efficient as compared to others because of the building process optimizations we have done. The biggest reason is TIME, save your time and choose us.

The Payment Porte Open Banking platform has two focused API Hubs accessible to Fintechs, and Banks. These Hubs provide multiple Interoperable pan-European APIs focusing on Security & Authentication, Payment Initiation Services, and Account Information Services. To access our sandboxed developer environment, register your interest by clicking here, and your log-on credentials will be directly provided to you.

We cannot see payments which are on their way to your account. If you believe the funds should have already been received please contact the sender or sending bank. They should be able to provide you with the method of transfer and where applicable the faster payment ID. We should then be able to confirm if this payment has been received into us, if not we recommend you contact the sending bank to initiate a trace.

Digital money ultimately fulfills Token’s vision of moving money instantly, anywhere, anytime. Token’s open banking platform addresses the problem of data access and payment initiation. PORTE takes this a step further by addressing payment execution.

Initially, PROTE currencies are available on the Stellar network. Token currencies will trade on Stellar exchanges. Ethereum will be added soon.

Not yet, but soon there will be. Stay tuned...

We're headquartered in Bocas del Toro, Panama City, Panama and have additional office in India.

We love innovation, we constantly try to do something new. We would love to hear your idea and explore how we can help. Write to us at [email protected]