We would like to officially introduce you to Payment Porte, a digital payment solution built on the Stellar network. Payment Porte is aiming to disrupt the payments space with the Porte Token and a strong focus on the maritime and shipping industries. We like to think of ourselves as the New Wave for digital payment solutions.

Payment Porte offers a high tech approach to the current traditional payment methods by offering less expensive transfer fees and faster processing in the most secure way through distributed ledger technology. These solutions will enable our customers to grow their business through profitability and efficiency.

The Payment Porte platform is a payment gateway for use with the newly designed utility token named PORTE. The global shipping industry is in need of an upgrade in payment solutions more than any single industry worldwide. Why? Because global shipping had $279 billion in revenue in 2017, the fee structure of a better payment platform would save the industry several billion dollars.

“The Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index revealed that parcel shipping generates 279 billion dollars revenue in 2017. Turnover increased with 11% over 2016, while parcel volumes grew 17%, to 74.4 billion parcels in total. The biggest year-on-year growth in parcel volume can be found in China (28%).” *via Cross-Border-Magazine.com

There is a huge opportunity to assist in global shipping, and we are working to become the goto solution. In addition to saving payment service fees, Payment Porte will allow its users to hold and transfer their Virtual Assets with utmost ease and comfort, whenever they want and to whomever they want.

Our company is based in Panama City, Panama which is consistently ranked in the top ports of Latin America. We felt this was one of the best places to launch our company and assist in establishing Panama as a blockchain hub of Latin America.

We envision a world where multiple asset chains on Stellar provide payment solutions for many different sectors in the corporate world. We are also well into development on building out are freight and shipping niche!

We have our working asset Porte Token on the Stellar blockchain and our team engineered Bi-Fold web wallet.

There are many steps we have planned along our journey to building out the Payment Porte platform. We are working on launching our Porte Token prepaid loaded debit cards and finishing the build on our Bitfurnace.

We have already developed partnerships with the innovative teams at ChainZilla, Corum: AI deep learning, Appinventiv, Orion Stride and the Build Blocks Group.

Watch for our upcoming announcement for Payment Porte Hardware wallet collaboration with the Coolest new hardware wallet on the market!

We are already making waves, but we’re just getting started! Please follow our Medium publication and visit us at Paymentporte.com. There you can find more information, sign up for our newsletter or inquire about partnership information.

**Disclaimer: This article is not tax or financial advice, please seek the help of a professional tax consultant or financial advisor.

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