Payment Porte is one of the few Fintech enterprises that has taken inspiration from fashion and branding and integrates design sense into products they are building in the blockchain space. 

The company seeks to offer a clean and stylish user interface and experience. Payment Porte will create solutions to legacy banking pain points, and bring modern digital payments to the forefront. The goal is to provide efficient, cost effective, transparent cross border payment services from large shipping industry players, to small and medium sized enterprises.

Blockchain technology is undoubtedly a major innovation of our times. While blockchain is fundamentally connected with digital currencies, the genuine capability of blockchain innovation is a lot more extensive.

Unlike many pump and dump cryptocurrency projects, Payment Porte is discovering approaches to adopt blockchain innovations which will offer new solutions to conventional practices or industries, support new business models and improve existing processes. 

The CEO of Payment Porte, Jeff Catalano has always been a driver of innovation. Jeff is a self-taught entrepreneur who has been successful in various industries including fashion, food, manufacturing and branding.

 Jeff truly understood the power of design and branding, and he is also comfortable with embracing technology and innovation. Having built multiple fashion businesses from scratch, Jeff learned every aspect of the fashion industry including overseas manufacturing, importing, exporting, sales and marketing. 

His quest for new challenges and sectors, had brought him to Blockchain and Payment Porte a year ago. In over a year, Jeff has gradually attracted people to the Payment Porte brand through in-person, authentic interaction, and now attracting a following of around 15,000 people on LinkedIn. He believes entrepreneurs and creative minds from different industries should share their experience and knowledge, and partner up with the tech industry. 

Payment Porte gateway is building a boutique approach to customer service/experience, and will offer an on-site knowledge based virtual university. 

“We are building the New Wave of digital payment solutions, for the Maritime and shipping industry. Our mission is to empower the public with an enterprise grade payment/virtual asset transfer solution which is efficient, secure with excellent customer support.” said Jeff Catalano, CEO of Payment Porte. 
These advanced blockchain technologies were created for the people, not just the financial service industry and mega corporations. 

About Payment Porte: 
Payment Porte is an integrated financial services provider, and a decentralized distributed ledger hybrid which when completed will allow enterprises to harness freedom, efficiency, low cost and security. 

Learn more: Payment Porte public presale IEO opportunity coming soon on Probit Exchange on Sep 18-22 and ExMarkets on Sep 22-26. Learn more at and and at their company website join their Telegram, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

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