We envision a near future where PaymentPorte.com will be the fast, affordable, secure cross border payment gateway, for modernized stakeholders, forwarders, importers and exporters of global trade goods. We plan to disrupt the retro ways of the past, and bring “The NEW WAVE” of digital payment solutions, utilizing decentralized, Blockchain, and Distributed ledger technology. Faster, less expensive, and smarter technology will allow businesses to create a better profit, and create more time to enjoy their lifestyle, and families more.

Virtual Financial assets like PORTE token, and the technology behind them, are the greatest technological revolutions since the invention of the Internet, and will provide the greatest opportunity for wealth transfer in our lifetimes. Our goal is to be an early adopter of this technology and position ourselves for massive growth of this brand new industry.  

Payment Porte plans to put B2B, and P2P, transactions, storage, and the internet of value, into the hands of the individuals.