The New Wave                                                            

Payment Porte Inc. is a startup, hybrid fintech company. The company sets out to disrupt the outdated, slow and expensive remittance, and cross border payment services with the creation of Paymentporte.com. Our initial focus is within the Global trade cargo, and port industries, but will not be limited to.

The not-for-profit Payment Porte foundation will create educational and community driven opportunities, for those in need throughout Latin America.


Payment Porte is a software application platform that is advancing technology in B2B payments, and P2P remittance transactions. The payment gateway will be integrated into one of the fastest, secure, and decentralized distributed ledger networks.


We envision a near future where PaymentPorte.com  will be the fast, affordable, secure cross border payment gateway, for SME’s, modernized stakeholders, forwarders, importers and exporters of

global trade goods and services.