Payment gateway

• The PORTE token is the utility token, used by the Payment Porte web and mobile platforms

 Purchase PORTE, using BTC, ETH, XLM, XRP, or USD

• Transfer of value onramp fiat currency (liquidity) - PORTE - offramp (multi-fiat currency) bank


• Transfer virtual financial assets to bi-fold wallet for payment transfer, and store PORTE in wallet

• Multi-signature option for payment transfers

• Smart contract generated and holds payments in escrow until conditions for release are met.


Supported Open Bank API, by jurisdictions, for fiat transfer to bank account: US, UK, EUR, HK, AUS, BR, MX

KYC & AML user clearance check, verification in moments on Payment Porte user account setup.


Asset & Product Apps:


PORTE token is a utility token, and Virtual Financial Asset (VFA). The token will be used as a on platform liquidity tool, and transfer of value for our users. The token will be purchased on, and listed on SDEX, and global exchanges.

bifold wallet

On-network wallet app bifold, • Two free digital wallets are created for users account transactions Wallet Send PORTE tokens purchased for payment transfers are sent to users wallet, as liquidity/tokens are held, until transaction is settled, then sent to a dead end key (burned). A deflationary token strategy until fixed minimum supply reached. Wallet Storage PORTE tokens will be stored in secured encrypted Hot wallet. The company will work on future option of pre paid/loaded debit cards, linked to your wallet assets.


Is a burn mechanism application which is triggered when users tokens are used to settle a transaction on platform. This guarantees a deflationary number of circulating supply of the tokens, until a firewall is reached, of our fixed minimum supply of 200M.