Payment Porte FOUNDATION is a non-profit, non-stock issued organization, based in Panama city, Panama, led by a team of cultured individuals, who desire to create positive change in the lives of those in need, throughout Latin America.


The Foundation will be the issuer and custodian of the PORTE token reserve tokens, which will be held in escrow, and recorded on the Blockchain, for future need, to be released as additional circulating supply.


The members will develop educational programs and community efforts, to help underprivileged individuals and families with social projects like, eco-housing (, education in computers, telecom, mobile devises for payments, Internet, Blockchain and Virtual Financial asset/crypto currency technologies.



Payment Porte Foundation will work with Payment Porte INC, for fundraising and contributions, towards the organizations programs, grants, donations, and community token drops.


The non-profit will invest into local community, contests, and tech-think-tanks to further evolve new technology in advanced Blockchains, smart contracts/documents/deeds/titles, AI, and new public, decentralized applications for Virtual Financial asset creations. Progress.